About Danago

What is Danago?

Danago is an online fundraising platform that aims to encourage non-profits, fundraisers, or individuals looking to raise funds to ditch the old method of door knocking fundraising and to embrace most of the opportunities presented by digital technology.

We provide the tools for you to raise funds online with no charges and no hassle.

Simply sign up with us, customize your campaign page, and start raising funds for your cause.

Spread the word to your family & friends on how convenient it is to use our platform!

Our Mission


Danago aims to be the most affordable online fundraising platform in Malaysia.

Zero Commission

Zero Commission, simple, straightforward and transparent pricing model for campaigns of all sizes.

Ease of Use

We want to share our technology with all fundraisers and not-for-profits alike taking fundraising to the next level.

For Everyone

We want to help break down all barriers, making virtual fundraising possible and rewarding for all good causes.

Our Vision

Empowering fundraisers with the full potential of digital fundraising and cultivating the culture of giving.