Independent Living & Training Centre (ILTC)

ILTC is a not-for-profit, charitable organization formed BY the disabled, FOR the disabled, providing services for all over the country for more than eight years. The association is dedicated to the task of securing equal rights and opportunities for the physically impaired person, enabling them to become responsible, useful and productive citizens. The main aim of the ILTC is to train and provide residents with all the necessary assistance to develop their abilities and to maximize their level of independence and confidence. This allows them to achieve their full potential despite their physical limitations. Through their programs, ILTC has enabled the disabled to accomplish many achievements, and many have been gainfully employed.

The following are the services provided by ILTC for the disabled community:
Counseling & personal motivation
Disability information & advice
Computer training
Technical assistance & training
Self-development programs
Making handicrafts, etc

These are all done in order to help the disabled to live more independently with the necessary living and social skills; as useful citizens of Malaysia. Furthermore, they are also actively involved in finding suitable jobs for disabled people who approach them for assistance (job placement).

One of their key agendas is to educate immediate family members to be able to care for the disabled; and how to do it properly as a stepping stone that paves the way for these disabled individuals to re-adjust themselves into the mainstream of society without depending on or being a burden to others. All of their services are presently being offered free to the disabled they are trying to help.

Independent Living & Training Centre (ILTC), seeks your kind donation to help their centre. As a non-profit organization, the center runs entirely on charity and is therefore always seeking funds and volunteers to help them in their aims & projects.

Lot No. 112, Kg. Sg. Dua Tambahan, Mukim, Jln Kawasan Perindustrian Rawang, 48000 Rawang, Selangor

Phone : 03-6093 6292

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