Pertubuhan Kebajikan Villa Harapan

Villa Harapan is a shelter for the homeless, the mentally challenged, and senior citizens with residents ranging from various states, religions and races. They provide shelter for the homeless, especially those roaming around the city of Melaka. They provide protection, food, medical and care to abandoned citizens.

Villa Harapan strives to rehabilitate and train their residents to live independently, at the same time help the government to clean the image of Melaka City from the presence of abandoned citizens. Funds obtained will also be used to cover management expenses with the approval of the relevant authorities.

This organization also accepts donations in the form of money and equipment from any individual, company and government body to carry out the activities held by the organization. 

The care center which started as a shelter for the homeless that is also said to be the first to be established, was opened on May 17, 2010 as a result of the idea of former Melaka Chief Minister, Tan Sri Mohd Ali Rustam. 

Since its establishment, not many residents in the state are aware of the existence of the center which currently houses not only the homeless but also the elderly, the disabled and the mentally ill aged between 22 years and 86 years. The center is also responsible for managing the remains of deceased occupants (without heirs). 

The center also receives assistance from individuals who provide assistance to cover their management costs.

Those who wish to lend a helping hand can contact them at

Pertubuhan Kebajikan Villa Harapan Melaka,
1212-2, Jalan Tebing Tinggi, Duyong

: 06-2672820
Email : [email protected]

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