Guide on How to Sign Up with Stripe

Your Business Details

  1. Business address
    Your organisation address

  2. Type of business
    You can choose from the 4 options below
    1. Corporation (Bhd / Sdn Bhd)
    2. Individual or sole proprietorship
    3. Limited Liability Partnership (LLP / PLT)
    4. Nonprofit organization

    If unsure, choose Individual or sole proprietorship. If you choose Nonprofit organization or Corporation, you will need to provide your registered SSM number as well.

  3. Company number (MyCoID)
    Please insert your SSM if available. For Nonprofit, LLP/PLT and Bhd / Sdn Bhd this field is mandatory.

  4. Business website
    Insert your organisation URL, if you don’t have one a page to your Facebook page is fine.

  5. Business industry
    Choose your business industry from the list.

  6. Business descriptions details
    Write some brief summary of what your organisation is about.

Your Details

  1. Legal name
    Your full name as per your MyKad.

  2. Own more than 25% of the business?
    If unsure, set this to No.

  3. Date of Birth
    Your birth date.

  4. Individual NRIC (MyKad)
    Your IC as per your MyKad.

  5. Home address
    Your home address, don’t worry if this is different from your home address.

  6. Additional business owners
    You can add additional business owner if needed or skip this part all.

Bank Details

  1. Statement descriptor
    The label that will be appear on donor credit card statement. You can put in your short business name in here.

  2. Support phone number
    Your organisation’s support number, if you don’t have one, a general mobile number is fine.

  3. Bank name
    Search for your bank name from the dropdown.

  4. Bank account number
    Please make sure this is correct as the money will be transferred to this account.

Your Stripe Account

  1. Two-step authentication
    This is required to protect your account. If you already have an authenticator app (Google Authenticator, Authy or anything similar) please use it. Otherwise you can choose to get a text message instead. 

  2. Stripe account
    Insert your email and password to create your new Stripe account.